Samantha Fenwick
Enterprise, ON
(613) 358-9077

I am a young local student continuing to pursue my passion for the art of photography. Although photography for me is a only a hobby at the moment, it is developing into an opportunity to have my own business, allowing me to grow and improve my skills. I tend to take my photos in the local area, and some of my best shots have come at random when I see something that catches my eye. Sometimes the light is just right, or a sunset turns an amazing shade of color and I am fortunate enough to be there. It's very exciting!

I began my photography approx. four years ago using my cell phone, sometimes after school and often during the summer. One of my good friends encouraged me to take the next step, so I saved up enough money to purchase a Canon camera with a standard lens, and later purchased a portrait lens as well. (I love shooting models and portraits.) That's when I realized that my hobby had become my passion, and now I look daily for the perfect shot.

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