Meghan Marshall
Wolfe Island, ON
(613) 583-6346

For me, creating art is an absolute joy. I am constantly obsessing over the texture, light and character of my ever changing surroundings and how I might incorporate it into my next painting. Although I like to paint pretty much anything, I fell in love with capturing farm life while I lived on Wolfe Island. I would first take snapshots of animals from the road and, from these pictures, I would paint the many beauties of the barn. I then started to develop relationships with the farmers around me who kindly allowed me to visit with their animals and take pictures at my leisure. This extra connection allowed me observe the animal's movements and character in a more intimate context. As a result, my paintings really took off as I vigorously worked from the emotion and memory of the moment along with the improved photos I was able to obtain. Although I have moved off the island, this experience ignited my passion for the subject area and to this day, I am still inspired to paint the simple yet exquisite life of the farm.

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