Peggy L. Morley
1264 Millhaven Rd., Odessa, ON K0H 2H0
(613) 572-2268

I work from life in a process that is both visual and physical as illustrated in the bold brushwork, strong colours and dynamic compositions of my work. I am trying to create a fresh sense of reality that reflects its source in the natural world but not to replicate it. I hope to draw the viewer into sharing my vision.

I have been painting in oils for many years, getting my BFA at Queen's in 1986. I took a bit of a sabbatical while my children were young, then in the early 90's I devoted more time and energy into perfecting my craft. In 2007 I discovered the rich potential of the encaustic method of painting. The quick drying time of wax, relative malleability of the surface and the depth of pigmentation allows for an exciting and endless exploration of mark making including experimenting with layering, texturing, scraping, incising and colouring.

My florals are inspired by flowers I select for their vibrant colour and interesting shapes. I hope my work is a passionate, colourful exploration of the beauty and joy of nature and of life.

I have always been drawn to landscape painting. My travels around the world have inspired new perspectives as well as awakened a distinctive observation of the unique Canadian landscape.

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