Jolanda Noble
RR#1, Inverary, ON
(613) 540-4553
instagram: @glassaddict25

Jolanda Noble from Glass Addict creates glass on glass mosaics in recycled windows and beautiful stained glass pieces. The focus on these art forms began a few years ago when she took a glass workshop and, as a result, was immediately hooked. She finds that working with different types of glass makes each project unique. She challenges herself by undertaking different types of projects, beginning with an idea, translating it and then transforming that idea into a beautiful piece of art. Her art/business philosophy: "I have a passion for what I do and I hope it shows in my products. Above all, I want to create something I am proud of." She gets affirmation of this when people send her pictures of the piece once it has been installed in its new home. You can see most of her work at and on Facebook at

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