Mark Parkinson, Parkinson Design Studio
227 Main St, P.O. Box 87, Odessa, ON K0H 2H0
(613) 328-9938

Working with hot glass is like working with light, once it's molten I can fold, blow and shape it any way I wish. I can add colour to high light or use just clear glass and let the world reflect off the glass and colour it, changing it in every new environment. It is the one medium that is almost completely recyclable if what comes out of the kiln the next day does not fit my vision I can take it, re-melt it and start over. Glass is also technically unforgiving; you must have the temperatures right or the piece can have stresses that will cause it to self-destruct, over work it or over heat and the colours go muddy, and as tempting as it can be I never get to directly push it around into shape there is always a tool as an interface. I have found my medium I will love and hate it for the rest of my life.

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