Bill VanWart
Napanee, ON
(613) 388-2450

A little VanGogh, a little Dali, a lot of Group of Seven, a dash of J.C. Roy, and me - I've been oil painting for a number of years now. After teaching Art at High School for 30 years and trying to fit painting in when I could, I am now retired and able to paint every day. I decided to move away from landscapes, buildings and the like - to Art which gives the viewer a little more to imagine and ponder. I have been using strong brush strokes and complementary colours - long flowing abstracted figures to give the viewer a dynamic view and a thought of what will be next and where one has been. My work is highly influenced by music, especially the Blues, by figure drawing and wanting to do things differently so the viewer has a new set of thoughts and a new feeling when looking at my work.

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